Thursday, 14 July 2011

Test page for using MathJax for LaTeX on Blogger

There is a javascriptb block containing:

<script src="" type="text/javascript">

in the HTML source on this page which causes the rendering of LaTeX using MathJax the delimiters are slash( and slash) for inline maths and slash[ and slash] for display maths. (the slash is the \ character which if I used it would lead to confusion)

This is inline with tex \tex in square brackets delimiters [tex] 4\times \sin(x^2) [/tex] these are set up as alternate delimiters using the guidance on the MathJax site.

Some continuous text with inline maths \( \sin(x)^2 \) some more text. Now a display equation (in a bigger font!):

\[ \int_0^3 f(x)\; dx=7 \]

Now display maths between Tex \Tex delimiters:

[Tex]\int_1^2 g(x)\; dx =17 [/Tex]

The JavaScript block can be placed in the template html rather than at the top of each post.

(Looks like the Tex delimiters only display correctly on chrome! Better switch any posts over to delimiters that will work on any browser. Other sources indicate that the problem may well be with Internet Exploder rather than anything else)

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